Business coaching

Executive Coaching is a focus area for Wildcats in that we are committed to our corporate clients and service them in a way which is truly empowering and liberating. We work in a flexible process with leaders who have challenges they have overcome before with stress or time or difficulty.

  • They hire us to work with them from a clear distance and objective viewpoint.
  • We inspire them to create their own solutions.
  • We do this by enhancing their thought processes and challenging them to attain the results they are after.
  • The client has a confidential and neutral “potential conductor” as one of our coaches, Div Lessing calls it.
  • A coach is someone who is there to enhance performance.

We work over three or six months usually, and sometimes a yearly contract. We work on goals or issues which leaders deal with every day, pertaining to staff and figures, communication and the load life presents. We often take on too much as corporate animals with a hunger for knowledge and power and sometimes, when we get what we want it is daunting or more challenging than we expected. A coach will help you sort all that out, and the results you get will pay for the coach many times over. The return on investment is guaranteed! There are some key elements that are the hallmark of our coaching relationship with our clients:

  • Setting an Audacious Vision – We have an unwavering belief that you can create any result in your life that you truly desire. Our aim is to help you set a very big and inspiring vision of what you can achieve in a given life area.
  • Structure – We work with you within a very structured process so that we both know exactly where we’re going, how we’re going to get there and even more importantly that we know when we’ve got there
  • Accountability – We’re here to hold you accountable to achieving that big vision that you set for yourself. Our goal is to keep you in action both in thought and deed as you move towards achieving that vision. Our aim is to get you to realize your true potential
  • Objectivity – We have the luxury of not being involved in the daily detail of your life. This objectivity allows us to notice patterns that may be affecting your performance. We continually try to bring you above the detail of your life so that you too can notice these patterns and truly be the architect of your life, not merely an unknowing participant.
  • Complete Confidentiality – This is of prime importance to our business and executive clients – you get to have an objective sounding board completely removed from your peers and spheres of influence.

Recent Events

  • Adventure Coaching with senior execs on mountain bikes in Hermanus, Elgin and Paarl.
  • Team building aboard yachts with renewable energy giant. Great value, great fun.

Upcoming Events

  • Adventure coaching in the Overberg with Mark Smith. Coaching an entire management team of an international renewable energy corporation. Adventure Coaching a sportswear exec. Team build for Western Cape Government. Win at the game of life radio show on radio Overberg 98.4fm called Make your Mark.

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