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Anne Heslop

I am married and we have two wonderful children. I have enjoyed sixteen years of national and international corporate and personal development training, optimizing Leadership potential and Transformation. This has been carried out, happily, from the base of my own company. Apart from the insights and experience that working in the private and public sector has brought me, I value my rich backdrop of exposure to a wide variety of people at all levels in the workplace from all walks of life, and to the most diverse organizations and teams to be found. I love the challenge and stimulation at Boardroom level as well as sourcing, stimulating, feeding and empowering the mulch-faceted skills, bright ideas, knowledge and creativity found within teams and departments. Facilitating positive change for a beneficial future is, for me, immensely rewarding. After my degree and post-grad studies were complete, I spent several years in Education, which proved to be a great springboard into related, more fulfilling fields of work. Another fascinating and stretching few years with an NGO as Project Leader, Trainer, Facilitator and Counselor drew out and polished some further incredibly useful skills. A couple more years as Natal Regional Director of Interlink Corporate Consultants, an exciting, Human Resource Training and Consulting Company at the forefront of real innovation in people development – sometimes unconventional, but always potently effective and demonstrating innovation for the best results. It was then time, sixteen years ago, to step out on my own and I have never looked back. I have wonderful clients such as Unilever, the Sugar Industry partners, Marriott, Protekon, Home net as well as small businesses and one-man shows with whom long-standing relationships are established and meaningful, productive partnerships continue to flourish. My specific areas of consulting, training and facilitating are around Leadership, Strategic Planning, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, Performance Management, Coaching and Counseling, Business Awareness and Diversity. Becoming a certified Business, Executive, Team and Life Coach with Results has offered me a superb opportunity to synergize all that I have learnt and been exposed to in the business world and beyond. About me, “I have roots and I have wings” and I love nothing more than walking with others whose life’s desire, personally and professionally, is also to strengthen and stretch both. As a Coach, I bring my insight, experience, enthusiasm and genuine belief in the greater potential that people have, to any coaching experience. I am always excited when people are inspired to take hold of the life they really want to live. And of course we find, again and again, that company results soar when focused, passionate, self-empowered leaders and teams work there. My client base consists of Leaders: Executives, Managers, Teams, Individuals, Small and Medium Business Owners – in fact, any person who recognizes in some way, no matter how small, that growing, experiencing life including work, more fully is, thankfully, a matter of personal choice.

Recent Events

  • Adventure Coaching with senior execs on mountain bikes in Hermanus, Elgin and Paarl.
  • Team building aboard yachts with renewable energy giant. Great value, great fun.

Upcoming Events

  • Adventure coaching in the Overberg with Mark Smith. Coaching an entire management team of an international renewable energy corporation. Adventure Coaching a sportswear exec. Team build for Western Cape Government. Win at the game of life radio show on radio Overberg 98.4fm called Make your Mark.

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