Adventure Coaching makes sense!

How neuroscience is changing the brain based coaching world is phenomenal.
We are learning so much about how our internal drivers affect our brain chemistry, and how our brain chemistry affects our thinking.
We are truly integrated beings. Studies have proven that each brain is uniques, an the way we each use our brains is unique.
Of course, this is why machines will never take over from a living, breathing, intuitive coach. Life or executive coaches make some processes seem simple. They are not. To utilise the visual cortex and watch subtle body language, assimilate the information, draw on the memory, the hearing of intonation in the voice, and make choices in the dorso-lateral prefrontal cortex as to which question is going to lead a coachee to have an insight about his or her behaviour is far from simple.
An important function of the DLPFC is the executive functions, such as working memory, cognitive flexibility, planning, inhibition, and abstract reasoning.
How we utilise this information in our lives, work and when dealing with people is critical. When under pressure, the limbic system is engaged, meaning we are not thinking clearly.
lim·bic sys·tem ˈlimbik ˌsistəm
noun: limbic system; plural noun: limbic systems – a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, sex, dominance, care of offspring)

In order to think, we need to first manage our emotional state. Large boadrooms of over – inflated egos making decisions on how companies and countries are run, is probably the least effective methodology.
Our decisions are far more rational when we are hydrated, calm, have a good source of oxygen and have the right stimuli.
When I conceptualised Adventure Coaching, it was to fulfill a selfish dream to be able to coach clients on my mountain bike. It turns out though, that when two people get together, are engaged in physical activity, pumping blood, oxygen and of course the dopamine release interpersed with water consumption, we are getting our brains in gear, literally.
My realisation has been profound, that there is a specific thinking pattern and series of behaviour patterns when we are in the role of employee, boss, corporate player, exec, manager, head, director or whatever title, dressed according to the role as opposed to how we operate as our authentic selves.
This transparent barrier is removed when we are outdoors, being ourselves, having a conversation with a trusted advisor.
I can be found kicking a ball around, walking up the trail, mountain biking or walking along the beach with my clients, and they are better off for it as their strategic thinking improves, their self awareness improves and they are motivated to act according to their strategic thinking. You can see that this takes longer than a normal coaching session. I hope you can also imagine the profound benefits.