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Transport yourself literally and figuratively to a new place. A place where you can truly engage with your potential. A place where you regain control of your self, your business or your leadership. We coach you in nature, kayaking, horse riding, hiking or mountain biking to get your body involved in your thinking and to engage your adrenaline and endorphins so that you see new possibilities for yourself or your organization. Part of the issue is that we ‘think too much’. By that we mean we do not engage our whole intelligence when problem solving due to our paradigms. We will help you access more of your potential by helping you create more awareness, by trusting your instincts and imagining new possibilities. This is where Wildcats Adventure Coaching intervenes. We take you out of your environment to a place where you have no distractions so you can begin the process of better understanding your current thinking and look at your behavioral patterns. Once we understand this we focus on your vision, your plan and your requirements be it on a team, department or individual level. We help you to unpack your thinking, your behavior patterns and help you develop a fresh approach, to get ahead of the game. Once we understand the current picture, we find out what your objectives are, be they strategic or operational, even personal. Most coaches engage with you at a conversational level to unearth your thinking, help you gain some insights and turn those into actions then habits. Where Wildcats Adventure Coaching differs is that we utilize experiential processes to ensure that you are not operating from old paradigms and hence, recreating the same results. We will take you out of your comfort zone, and this is the purpose. In order to generate new thinking, there needs to be a shift. During this process we ensure that your vision is aligned with your passions skills and opportunities. This program is designed to create and sustain change where necessary, to invoke leadership, to create cohesive teams and to bring fun back into business.

Recent Events

  • Adventure Coaching with senior execs on mountain bikes in Hermanus, Elgin and Paarl.
  • Team building aboard yachts with renewable energy giant. Great value, great fun.

Upcoming Events

  • Adventure coaching in the Overberg with Mark Smith. Coaching an entire management team of an international renewable energy corporation. Adventure Coaching a sportswear exec. Team build for Western Cape Government. Win at the game of life radio show on radio Overberg 98.4fm called Make your Mark.

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