Our Clients Achieve their Goals. They Love Exceeding their Previous Best.

“The real journey is who our clients become as a result of the personal journey underlying their actions and performance driving.”

Wildcats are a virtual team of qualified and experienced professionals.  We are certified Coaches, internationally accredited with the International Coaching Federation.  We offer leadership, adventure, team and performance coaching to private individuals and businesses, in the workplace and our unique blend of ‘Adventure Coaching’ in the Over-berg of the Western Cape.  Our coaches engage our clients in powerful conversations which lead to exceptional results.

Our coaches engage our clients in powerful conversations which lead to exceptional results.  We market coaching interventions and supply our clients with bio’s of coaches who fit the client’s brief.  The client then chooses who to be coached by.

You apply online and are asked to be part of our mailing list.  We then contract the coach you have chosen.  Once you have reached completion of the coaching process, we request you to fill in an online feedback report for our learning.

Modus Operandi

Wildcats Coaches work one-on-one with individuals or teams and coach them towards their potential via an internationally proven 12 week process, developed by David Rock. This process is highly structured and through deliberate steps and using specific techniques, guides the client to actually achieve their goals with continuous coaching.  The success rate is unprecedented.

We set three big hairy audacious goals and systematically work together to achieve them. Some people use this process to become better business people, leaders with purpose.  Some use it to earn more money, achieve more in sport, or academically.

Others simply want to erase debt, get a better job or lead a sales team to heights never before achieved.  Anything is possible if you have the resources, the desire and someone with you all the way, believing in you 100%.  There is no other relationship like that of client and coach.

Coaching is like having a mentor, a sports coach and personal trainer rolled into one with you every week. That person has no agenda other than to see you succeed.  You are not judged on your performance, simply urged into action and success at the highest level you are willing to allow yourself to achieve.  Having a coach is a privileged position, not many have enjoyed.

Recent Events

  • Adventure Coaching with senior execs on mountain bikes in Hermanus, Elgin and Paarl.
  • Team building aboard yachts with renewable energy giant. Great value, great fun.

Upcoming Events

  • Adventure coaching in the Overberg with Mark Smith. Coaching an entire management team of an international renewable energy corporation. Adventure Coaching a sportswear exec. Team build for Western Cape Government. Win at the game of life radio show on radio Overberg 98.4fm called Make your Mark.

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